First Wine-Tasting Notions

PRAISE YOUR SENSES In contemporary people, the senses have remarkably shrunk and weakened. Touch, taste, smell, tools of great importance to achieve a non-superficial knowledge of the environment and oneself, have regressed considerably. Time is invariably short, speed is increasing, and this is depriving us of many effective ways to smell and enjoy the world. Newly training our senses, re-enhancing perception, restoring our sensory skills are some important aspects of our philosophy of life. Wine-tasting as a conscious way to reflect one’s senses is a part of this path. This statement also holds true the other way around: there is no wine-tasting without rediscovering and acquiring suitable sensory skills.


Federico Fellini

A good wine is like a good movie. It lasts a moment and leaves a taste of glory, is new in every sip and, as with movies, born and reborn in each taster.

Charles Baudelaire

Wine knows how to adorn the most sordid hovel
With marvelous luxury
And make more than one fabulous portal appear
In the gold of its red mist
Like a sun setting in a cloudy sky.